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Fur. The mere mention of the word makes many cringe. In western urban culture, it's a contentious topic that divides us into two groups: those who deem fur fashion READ MORE...
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Earlier this week, I was in the comments section of a blog I frequent, and someone had posted a photo of a shirtless, young guy with red hair sticking his tongue out cheekily READ MORE...
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The Sculptured House, also known as the Sleeper House since 1973 when it featured in Woody Allen's sci-fi comedy, Sleeper, is so cool it's painful. An elliptical curiosity in concrete and glass perched on Colorado's READ MORE...
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The BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) has teamed up with London College of Fashion to establish a new fashion film strand at this year’s event, showcasing READ MORE...
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Knitwear designers studying in Italy are invited to enter the Knitting for Juliet competition launched by Fashion Ground Academy of Italian Design READ MORE...
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It was not possible to walk past Nicholas Rose's luminous, contoured lamp shades at 100% Design the other week, I felt like a moth drawn to a flame. READ MORE...
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The film series, #UnlockArt, produced by Tate and supported by Le Meridien, concluded with the release of the last of eight films, What's So Funny?, decided by an online poll READ MORE...
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February 18, 2014

TSL Features in Paper Magazine


To tie in with London Fashion Week, New York's Paper Magazine has run a feature called 8 British Bloggers Disrupting the Fashion World and they've included The Swelle Life in their roundup. I was thrilled to be interviewed for the piece; one of the answers published mentions a redesign - yes, the blog's six-year anniversary is approaching and I'm going to be giving TSL a new look and even a new name as soon as I can get started.  The content will remain the same but there will be more design-focused categories, and without giving too much away before launch, it will be a bit of an 'education' - yes that's a hint!

Have a look at the feature and discover some great new British-based fashion blogs! 

July 23, 2013

Swelle 'Thinks Pink' at House of Fraser Blog



This unbashed lover of pink was one of six bloggers asked by House of Fraser to offer some some stylng advice for wearing summer's happiest and hottest hue. I've always had a soft-spot for all shades of pink, and I still vividly remember my absolute favourite pair of pants that I wore to the roller rink when I was about 10 years old: cotton jeans in a hot pink and I was never without my wide-handled plastic comb sticking out of one of the back pockets - yes, I did that! And so did everyone else at the time, even guys. I fell and tore the knee one day and so my mother patched it with an embroidered flower which embarrassed me, but I still wore them because I loved them so much. (Who knew we would one day pay for ripped jeans? My mother never would have allowed that, she even sewed down the cuffs on my too-long jeans, to my horror!)

If you're not already keen on the colour, you may just be swayed by our enthusiasm for pink and the varieties of ways you can work it into your look, whether it be with full-on boldness, accessories, or makeup. Read all about it here

July 20, 2011

My Latest Shoot: Judith Frankland


I wanted to share a few photos from a shoot I did recently for a magazine feature I'm doing on Judith Frankland - you may know this outrageously fun designer from her column of fashion fairytales here at The Swelle LifeFrankly Frankland.

I'm showing mostly head shots as the issue isn't out until fall and I have to keep the full-lengths for the spread. I really love the hair. It was done by Joanne Lodge of Tickety Boo salon in Whitley Bay and is the perfect complement to Judith's boldy feminine and vivid designs.

And big thanks to my lovely model Sophie who nailed it in all her 5'11" glory!





Photos © Denise Grayson at The Swelle Life
Clothes and styling by Judith Frankland
Hair by Joanne Lodge at Tickety Boo
Model: Sophie
Makeup by Denise Grayson

July 12, 2010

The Swelle Life on Lua Jewelry Blog

The Swelle Life on Lua Jewelry

Recently I was interviewed by the really lovely Lucia of Lua Jewelry, a kindred blog that also celebrates the beautiful things in design and that around us. I must publicly thank Lucia for waiting so patiently to receive a photo to accompany the interview (I liked her questions), I much prefer to be behind the camera. And if the difference between the photos of myself and that of my models tells me anything, it's that the camera prefers that, too. (And no I don't have cramps, I'm just clutching at my coat for some reason!)

Lucia is based in Santa Domingo and Miami, loves her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and brings us daily posts that are visually intriguing and not cheap with the words when it counts. It's a blog that gives a nice jolt of inspirational energy when I visit so please do take a look!

You can read the interview with Yours Truly here 

Thank you, Lucia! ♥

June 18, 2010

The Guardian is 'Drooling' Over Swelle Boutique!

  Fullscreen capture 18062010 224419

The fabulous, sharp-witted Kate Carter finds tissues to be the perfect accompaniment to a browse at Swelle Boutique, calling it "a new site to drool over" in her Fashion Statement column. This is a hugely popular weekly roundup of fashion news and insights both hilarious and astute at my favourite national newpaper, so it's an understatement to say I'm thrilled to bits that Ms. Carter likes what she sees at Swelle Boutique.

Congrats to Neue and Rowanjoy for having their gorgeous dresses featured!

You can see the column here and be sure to sign up to receive Fashion Statement by email for a refreshingly good read.

July 19, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion: Swelle Interview at Aspiring Couture

Fullscreen capture 18072009 180527-2

On Friday The Swelle Life aka 'Me' was featured at Aspiring Couture, a blog with a big heart for emerging and independent fashion designers. Thank you to everyone who left a lovely comment, and much gratitude to Allison for thinking of The Swelle Life!

Aspiring Couture has recently launched an online boutique that sells the unique creations of the clothing, bridal, accessories and jewelry designers who have had spotlights on the blog. And as The Swelle Life has also got it bad for exciting indie talent I'll soon be introducing the Aspiring Couture boutique and its growing roster of new designers. So watch this space, especially if you're looking for an extraordinary wedding gown!

June 18, 2009

SSP: Swelle Interview at Dream Sequins

Fullscreen capture 18062009 141711-1  

SSP = shameless self promotion. How can there be any shame in being featured on one of the greatest fashion blogs out there and one of my most favourite daily reads, Dream Sequins? It's all about exciting, emerging designers and the lovely lover of fashion behind it supports her fellow fashion bloggers like no other. One of the ways she does that is with her feature Five Questions for My Favourite Bloggers and I'm honoured that she chose me for this installment.

You can read the interview here and be sure to take a look around if it's your first time at Dream Sequins. Or I'll crash your dance class!


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