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IMG_20140710_182758The Swelle Life is now six years old, though that feels like dog years - in a good way! This blog is a collection of beautiful things to live with, wear, explore and eat and includes a lot of original photography.  

When I began writing TSL it was a bit different, as all things evolve. Because I was a bit different six years ago. If you happen upon posts from the first three years of the blog, a certain word may come to mind: twee. Yep, it was sometimes, here and there. Some of the things that inspired me then are not necessarily the things that inspire me today, although there is still a thread that runs through what draws me in, and that's colour, texture, pleasing forms, those intangible qualities that evoke happiness. And I've also learned that although it's wonderful when a design, for example, makes you feel something in a profound way, it's not always necessary to try to explain what is essentially unexplainable. I would try sometimes and people must read those posts and think I was on drugs. I wasn't, I swear. A certain phrase from a Seinfeld episode comes to mind: 'unbridled enthusiasm'. Passion is important and sometimes I don't know what to do with it all! There's so much beauty in the world and I love when it's found in the details, in the every day things from our lives. And that's why I'm still writing The Swelle Life and enjoying it as much as ever. 

I've also been working with Houzz.com for the past three years, contributing monthly Ideabooks for products. If you aren't familiar and you're into interiors, landscaping, decor, anything to do with the home, head on over and I promise you'll be hooked. 

Thanks for reading. And looking. And commenting/liking/sharing, if you do. 

Denise ♥


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