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October 19, 2013

More Painted French Furniture Lust!

What would you display in your Mademoiselle Versailles Display Cabinet?

I don't know why I waited this long to do a follow up post to the original Painted French Furniture Lust, which was very popular if Pinterest referral links are anything to go by, but here it is! I'm moving away from the style in terms of what I'm doing with our house, but if I had a huge budget, large hallways and empty rooms to decorate any way I wanted, I'd be right back there. Hey, it could happen! (Please tell me how to make that happen.)

I've been collecting images for a while and these all happen to be from the UK's Sweetpea & Willow. There's a lot of painted furniture around in the French styles, but these stand out due to their particularly pretty detail and soft pastel shades, and they have something unique about them. 

How nice to be greeted by the Painted Entrance Cabinet (left) - love the pops of saturated teal against the washed out aqua. The blue of the Artus Corner Cabinet is just gorgeous and I like that this piece is minimally ornate. You can have it custom painted in your choice of 27 colours and finishes, a different one for the main body, interior, and edging, if you want. 


The hand carved Josephine Pearl Dressing Table is just a dream. What puts it over the top for me is the surprise of the pastel painted boxes inside; I would probably never put the mirror down so I could always see them. 


The traditional writing desk is such a luxury item because it's a non-essential piece of furniture that is more about elegant beauty than function. It's not exactly designed for working, unless your job involves penning romantic letters all day (that probably is a job if you replace 'romantic' with 'dirty'). The acid hues of the Zesty Lime Secretaries desk turns what could be a demure and delicate piece into something bold and edgy. If you still prefer the powdery pastels, the Aqua Bon might be more up your alley:


More to come when I find others as beautiful as these!


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