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August 26, 2013

Treats in Toronto: Chococrêpe!

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Whenever I'm in Paris I eat an Eiffel Tower's worth of crêpes, but I'd never had one in Toronto. This occurred to me when I was walking on Queen St. west of Bathurst and passed by a sandwich board for Chococrêpe. I knew I had to come back with my daughter. She devours them, now. But that wasn't always the case. The first time we visited Paris she was three-years-old and we stayed in Montparnasse which I nicknamed The Crêpe District because our street had at least a dozen crêperies, and it wasn't that long a street. We told her we were taking her for crêpes and she was very excited. So we ordered a sweet one for her and when it arrived we expected her face to light up. Instead she burst into tears and we were perplexed as to why, as was our server. It turned out that she thought we were saying 'grapes' and being the fruit freak she was, and still being pretty much a baby, nothing else would do. Telling her that this was a pancake with fruit on it which was even better only seemed to make her madder because none of those words were "here's some grapes!" But crying children in Paris is great fun so it was all good. 

Anyway, back to August 2013, I was feeling like something savoury so I ordered the Chipotle Chicken crêpe which was really delicious, and it came with an arugula salad on the side. My daughter went full-on and ordered a mango sorbet milkshake - they have lots of ice cream and sorbets flavours to choose from - at the same time as a Happy Apple crêpe which is very large and open and topped with green apple slices, chocolate cinammon bits and dark chocolate drizzled all over. There was no convincing her that this was too much at one time, and hey, if you don't get a few reckless stomach aches as a kid you're not doing it right. (She ate a quarter of the crêpe before admitting defeat, but all of the milkshake. We took the remainders home.) 

Chococrêpe is an intimate and welcoming place, and they played Carla Bruni's Quelqu'un m'a dit and Bebel Gilberto's So Nice, which was perfect for the atmosphere on a hot summer day. You can visit Chococrêpe at 620 Queen St. West, and they do brunch on weekends. 


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