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August 16, 2013

Designing a beautiful, contemporary living room


Everyone wants a comfortable living room or lounge to kick back in after a long, tiring day. A lounge is designed for socialising and relaxing informally – a room for all the family. If it’s beautifully designed, all the better. A living room which is designed well will only help us to feel more happy and calm.

Historically, people will point all the furniture in a front room towards the TV – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but there can be so much more to a lounge. The living room isn’t just about the TV. It is possible to have a happy medium and create another focus in the room. Let’s go through some interior design options, easily recreated by even the most novice decorators and designers:

Use of space

If you’re limited with space, stick to furniture that is balanced with the size of the room as large pieces will make the space feel smaller. Light up corners to amplify the size of the room and stick to paler shades on the walls. It’s also important that you don’t block doorways, windows or walkways with furniture as this will make your room feel cramped.

When you have a large living room to fill, this can pose its own challenges. To make the room feel balanced, create different areas or zones. For example, you may have one area which is created with sofas facing each other and a coffee table in the middle, while in another zone you could have a cosy nook with an armchair for curling up with a book and a cup of tea. Define zones by floating your sofa in the middle of the room and placing a long console table behind it; section off corners of the room with screens. Make sure you fill any dead wall space that doesn’t have furniture against it.

Avoid clutter by only having essential items on display for decoration. For example, paperwork and magazines needn’t live on the coffee table; they can be kept away in storage boxes, in magazine racks or on a bookshelf and just referred to when required. Habitat has a great selection of storage and shelving solutions; you can visit the website here.



The furniture makes a living room. But don’t choose more than the size of the room can cope with, as discussed above – and don’t feel like you have to fill every corner. When choosing furniture, you should choose pieces that reflect you and your personality. If you’re a musician, it’s fine to have your prized guitar on display – equally if you want lots of family photos on the wall, go right ahead.

If you keep the colour of the walls and floors simple, you can be more elaborate with your choices of furniture (in terms of style, pattern and colour), accessories and lighting. Stick to a theme so that your items don’t look too mismatched – but choose classic styles for timeless pieces that won’t need replacing in five years.


Let’s not forget that most people use their living rooms to watch TV, work on the laptop or play computer games. As technology develops we are seeing more and more of it weaving its way into our lounges.

A modern smart TV is just that – really smart! With built in services like NOW TV on LG smart TVs, you can listen to music or watch sports and films on demand – so you don’t need to clutter your living room with piles of DVDs and CDs. TVs like these are designed to be so sleek it’s no longer necessary to have big, intrusive gadgets in the lounge to recreate the cinema experience. Just make sure you have a TV that is proportionate to the room so the screen is not too dominating.

You can easily hide away your TV and audio system in a cabinet so that at least they can be out of sight when not in use – or choose shelving and stands that work with the rest of the room so they are not too domineering. Use other focal points in the room such as wallpaper, accessories or colour to draw attention away from the gadgets. If you want them on display though that’s fine too – your lounge should be practical, not unrealistic. It’s to live in, not just look at!


Have a look at www.housetohome.co.uk/living-room for more living room inspiration.


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