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May 23, 2013

The Benefits of Real Wood Flooring


We can all appreciate the beauty of a genuine wood floor; it's immediately evident as you walk into a room that is finished with, say, white ash plank (my favourite), rich walnut, or distinguished parquet. Have you ever noticed how those highly polished wood floors of art galleries come close to stealing the spotlight away from the permanent collection? They're also the most effective way to add warmth to a space. 

Great looks aside, wood flooring can add considerable value to your home and it doesn't have to cost a fortune with all kinds of varieties being manufactured to fit a range of budgets. And there are many more advantages to choosing wood flooring:

  1. They're timeless and get better with age. Unlike rugs and laminate flooring, high quality wood floors will last for decades with minimal maintenance and actually become more beautiful as time passes. And a great wood floor will transcends the trends for its entire lifespan and continue to impress. (Ok, that was another plus for beauty but it's worth mentioning!)
  2. Easy to repair. Hardwood can be repaired by sanding and refinishing out nicks or stains which is not possible with laminate, and if you get a tear in your carpet you're stuck with it until it's replaced. 
  3. Easy to clean. The world doesn't end when spills happen or kids and pets disrespect your lovely floor, you just simply clean up the mess. Carpet is far less forgiving. 
  4. Hygienic and odour-free. What you see is what you get with wood floors. Even seemingly clean carpets can smell and harbour allergen-producing dust mites which can cause all kinds of misery for allergy sufferers. And wood is most ideal if you have furry pets as it won't absorb odours or give fleas a place to hide. 
  5. Quicker sale. Estate agents report that homes with wooden floors sell twice as fast as those with other floor finishes. This is not hard to believe; it can be wonderful to inherit an old wood floor, but someone's used carpet is absolutely devoid of any vintage charm!

All in all, hardwood flooring is a risk-free choice for now and for longevity that you will appreciate more and more as the years pass, and one of the wisest investments you can make in your home.  

Solid-wood-floor-from-Ecora Modern-dining-room





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I agree here "REAL WOOD FLOORING is the best flooring" because it grows best with time and easier to clean !

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