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March 09, 2013

The Perfect Sunday Morning Ritual

BreakfastWith our lives being so hectic during the week and Saturdays being about grocery shopping, taking the kids to lessons, laundry and tending to the garden, it’s essential that we have Sunday mornings to sit back and relax, as it may be our only opportunity of the week to be peaceful and regain our sanity. 

A great Sunday morning begins with a good breakfast. We can treat ourselves to a proper hearty full English or be good and go for the healthier options of homemade fresh fruit smoothies or berries and yogurt. But then there's pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup, sweet or savory crepes, and French toast with sauteed applies and pecans...never mind Sunday morning, excuse me while I run down to the kitchen! 

Tea is a British favourite, especially milky and sweet. There's the traditionalists with their tea and scones and the hard grafters with their tea and bacon sarnie whilst at work. Still, coffee is the world’s favourite hot beverage, and with such an extensive range of coffee machines available, everyone can make their perfect cup at home, from the intense wake-me-up espresso to the morning treat of a chocolate-topped cappuccino. I'm a latte girl myself, the taller the better, and I've finally conquered the perfectly steamed foam. It's like riding a bike, once you get it you never lose it. (Just don't misplace your stainless steel jug or it's back to drippy milk!)

The key to a perfect Sunday morning is giving yourself permission to take it easy, so after breakfast (preferably in bed, though that really only works when it's served to you so see if you can wrangle that) just stay put and relax with your loved one under the duvet, whether that be your partner, children, dog, cat, or even your favourite TV show or book.

Just be careful not to do what I do when I get the chance to laze about on a Sunday morning: fall asleep again! There's too much of a good thing, so know when it's time to get up and re-join civilisation. That's where a second cup of coffee may come in handy.  


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