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March 27, 2013

Kids Today are Having all the Fashion

TheSwelleLife_NowandThenEven head-to-toe plaid can be made to look cool on a kid these days (right, obviously)

As the mother of a young daughter, I am endlessly amazed (and maybe a bit envious) at the options that children, especially girls, have in terms of fashion today, and every conceivable category therein. The era I grew up in gave us a generous helping of polyester, and not the cool techno fabrics made from synthetics like we have today, but that thick, skin-suffocating poly that had an unnatural sheen, usually decorated with an unsightly pattern (the school class photos were sometimes so busy it took parents several times of looking, then looking away and back again before their eyes refocussed and they could spot their child amongst the group). Elastic waistbands and cuffs were a given. Today, you can buy cashmere sleepsuits for babies, silk dresses with couture embellishments for 2 year-olds, and mini versions of It bags for five-year-olds. And the most astounding advancement of all: 100% cotton! Organic of course. In other words, your little girl can have a wardrobe that represents the pinnacle of style and quality and one that rivals your own, or maybe even puts it to shame. Things have changed, and then some. 

KenzoThis little girl looks every bit the fashionista, yet remains sweet and age-appropriate.

Precious, impractical luxury fabrics aside, what's so wonderful about dressing kids today is that no matter what you buy, or how much or little you spend, your child will look good. Bad style is actually hard to come by, something that unfortunately cannot be said for adult fashion. There are fashion chains where their kids' clothes are superior to their adult ranges which is odd, considering we won't grow out of our clothes and our kids will! My daughter has jackets I would die to have in my size. (Here's a tip - if you're very petite, you can probably fit into the larger sizes of the designer children's lines that go up to age 16 - especially useful for finding high end coats and jackets at a fraction of the price of their adult lines, but of equal quality.)

Online shopping for clothes has become so prevalent in our house, not just because it's convenient, but for the selection that we just can't get where we live. I don't think I've ever had to return something I've ordered for my daughter so there's been no downside, and the customer service just keeps getting better because competition is so fierce for the children's designer fashion market. Because of this, my little one doesn't really understand the concept of traditional shopping, she's used to clothes showing up at the house, she tries them on, and then she goes back to playing. Could it be that we're creating a generation of girls who don't get a thrill of hitting the shops? One thing I do know for sure, these girls will not be writing blog posts 15 years from now relaying tales of how unfortunate their wardrobes were growing up!


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