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January 21, 2013

Winter Escape to Ladurée


I've heard rumours that something called 'the sun' exists. Is this true? England is in a dreary deep freeze right now (well, for England). The south has been hit especially hard and hundreds of schools around the country are closed, unfortunately not my daughter's (is that wrong to say?). I got a face full of sleet walking her in today and my chin froze, that was weird. The winds off the North Sea sent kids' hats flying off and they had to walk into class with soaked, frozen heads. Yet I still saw a guy walking around in a t-shirt! That saying about Geordies having an aversion to coats may not be completely unfounded. To be fair, it's just a few out of thousands of others who aren't allergic to warmth who are responsible for this reputation. But, I guess there are worse things than being hardy? (I'm trying hard to understand, here.)

So I tend to do a bit of daydreaming on days like this, and right now I can't get Paris in springtime out of my head. But it's not spring and I can't be there anyway, so one of my go-tos is to see what's new at Ladurée. They've got new boxes, 'Petits Accessoires' - which according to the image below it appears to come with tiny accessories in the square version, hence the name - and 'Calendrier' or Calender, the contents of which is not forthcoming on their website. Maybe it's up to you. (I picked up the chickadee yellow 'Louise' design for my daughter in London last autumn and filled it with macarons. I didn't even sneak one. It wasn't easy not stealing candy from a baby.) That regal-looking treat is the Ladurée King Cake , a caramelised puff pastry filled with a fondant almond creme. Maybe wait until extra holiday pounds are dealt with before diving into that. And then there are candies in pastel stripes in six flavours; the Bonbonierre which is a box of chocolates and yes, the box is also chocolate so when you've finished the little ones the indulgence is far from over; and macaron chocolates. Macarons covered in chocolate. Ladurée chocolate. Homer drool. And although not new, I included the tea canister because it's so pretty. I have this one on display in my kitchen and it's filled with the Marie Antoinette tea. I admit I bought that because of the name. It's very nice but I just realised I'd forgot about it completely. You know how thngs become part of the scenery and they register anymore? I think that's why rearranging at least once a year is a winning idea. Or I can save the effort and just have a good hard look around the kitchen and reacquaint myself with lost loves. Maybe I'll have it tonight, it's a good night for keeping hands around boiling cups.  


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Those look great!

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