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January 10, 2013

Painted Houses: Portmeirion, Wales


For no good reason at all, I've neglected to do a Painted Houses post in longer than I'd care to admit (so don't go checking, eh?).  Since the last, I've had some great reader submissions that absolutely must be shared, and so I'm getting back into the colourful houses and buildings theme starting with Portmeirion in North Wales, thanks to reader Pixie who introduced me to this vivid, fantastical place.

In the seven years I've lived in England I've never been to Wales - the closest I've gotten is Bristol and Bath - but it is on our list of UK places to visit, and now that I've had a peek, Portmeiron has become a must-see. Pixie provided a link to  their tourism site and I noticed this: "Portmeirion is open every day of the year from 9.30am to 7.30pm." And you need tickets. I was very confused until I read this:

"This unique village is set on its own private peninsula on the southern shores of Snowdonia. It was created by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978) to demonstrate how a naturally beautiful place could be developed without spoiling it. Portmeirion is made up of about 50 buildings, most of which are used as hotel or self-catering accommodation and surrounded by 70 acres of sub-tropical woodland gardens. On the main driveway is Castell Deudraeth, a Victorian mansion recently restored as a brasserie style restaurant and hotel."

And the late 1960s TV series The Prisoner was filmed there. (I wonder if they got kicked out at 7:30?)

Here are Pixie's photos from her visit, followed by some screencaps from the incredible 360° panoramic views of the village which I had great fun playing with.



P1010858 These 'window' frames are decorated with clam shells


I love the pale turquoise of the fence; this particular shade highlights so much of the village's features. Below, Pixie shares a photo from inside her suite which was in its own private building:



These two images (above and below) are taken from a panoramic view of Portmeirion's Battery Park, by Ralph Ames


The panoramic angles and the vivid colours remind me of the slides I used to look at as a child through my View-master!


There seems to be a religious theme in this part of Battery Square of the Christian persuasion. I can't see the detail of the painting on the arch of the white building on the left, above, but it appears to be in the style of the Mannerist era. And below, I think that's Jesus saying hello on the balcony! Shot by Billy Hepburn





The Portmeirion Beach,  Traeth Sands. By Billy Hepburn:


The Bristol Colonnade is...making me want to book train tickets!


A magical name for a magical house - Unicorn Cottage:


And we'll end with the Village Green before I explode with enthusiasm:


Thanks, Pixie!


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Big fan of all the colours Denise. Great post!

Trisha X

Thank you Trisha! Isn't Portmeirion a dream?

Denise x

Oh my goodness! This place is incredible, it's fantastical! I've never seen anything quite like it. Thank you for sharing.

What an unusual place, but I do love its quirky charm. It's so different to see such a colorful place like this. Usually one just sees the same neutral toned houses everywhere. A place like this looks much more fun!

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