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January 30, 2013

Layering the New Knits: Now to Spring/Summer 2013

Winter needn’t be a time to bulk up your frame with chunky knitwear. Use textures and layering to create a streamlined look, and your wardrobe will take you from here to spring and summer without stress. Layering also allows you to wear the latest, lighter styles right now. Cleverly combining your outerwear means you’re always warm enough for Britain’s changing weather, come what may!

Layering Law #1: Flatter your skin with new and different colours

Coffee, heating and the general lack of sun in winter can all dull your complexion. You don’t actually need heavy make-up, though. Wearing new and different knits in flattering shades near your face will instantly create a healthy glow.

Colours go together in families: they are either muted or bold, and warm or cool. Hold a variety of shades near your face to determine which colourgroup makes your features seem to “pop”. If you stay with this palette when choosing your new knits, you may even find that people will comment on how well you look, even when you’re tired! One of my favourites is coral pink - it can bring out a blush of colour on many types of complexions and looks incredible against both dark and pale skin. 

Layering Law #2: Create slim lines with lightweight outerwear

The vertical lines created by an open cardigan will draw the eye upwards, giving an illusion of length. In colder weather, even a partially open outer layer will still do the trick. A cardigan in a block colour also means you can wear horizontal stripes without looking wider:


Layering Law #3: Don’t be afraid of contrast!

Once you learn how to flatter your own complexion, you can mix and match a small handful of pieces and create a range of new styles.

As a general rule, the greater the difference between your hair and skin colour, the bolder the contrast you can carry off in your clothing. A brunette with a fair skin tone will naturally look striking in a high-contrast outfit like this:


A fair blonde generally suits colours that are closer to each other in undertone:


Pale blondes can still pull off something stronger, though, if they add a more intense lipstick and some bronzer to balance the look:


Darker complexions fare very well in winter, as they carry both high and low-contrast combinations easily, and can also wear bold patterns without being overwhelmed by them:


Paler skin looks great in a strong pattern when it’s balanced with a block colour as well:


Don’t forget that subtler patterns will also stand out if you use textures and layering.

Go for a new and different look, and make winter your brightest time of the year. With these three simple laws of layering, you’ll stay warm, look lively and bridge the seasons with effortless style. A range of carefully chosen Boden new knits in colours right for you can update your look and take you forward, confidently and stylishly to spring and beyond!


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