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November 20, 2012

Feeling Festive with Sweet Paul

Sp_1A gloomy, windy, sort-of-rainy day like today isn't ideal for getting into the festive mood, so I went straight to Sweet Paul's winter issue which just came out, my go-to for holiday inspiration. (I like a build-up to Christmas but it's hard when you're struggling against the wind with your umbrella and trying not to get Mary Poppin'd into the North Sea.That's not very cheery. Or jolly.)

Sweet Paul's world is all about creating a warm and inspired home no matter the season, but the holidays are the one time of year that many of us will actually take the time to do that! So if you're looking to change up your traditional rituals a bit, or have a go with something you've never done before, there are lots of things to try (my favourites are below. Some of them. I love it all).

There's a fantastic interview with textile artist Richard Saja that will have you thinking about embroidery differently, and you may never look at a traditional toile de jouy the same way again. He uses needle and floss to alter existing toiles, not only adding colour and texture to the monochrome pastoral motifs, but injecting a bit of humour with the unexpected (a wolfman pushing a maiden on a swing in place of the doting young gentleman, for example). And you'll get some history behind the toile de jouy, too. Good read!


We also get to hear from the boys of Baked, the Brooklyn bakery so popular that it spawned three cookbooks and a legion of drooling fans. And there's a special bonus: the recipe for Baked Wintermint Cake, created specially for Sweet Paul readers. Who wouldn't want to make something with a name like that that looks like this:


I love this Nordic table styling which I would be tempted to keep around well past the holidays:

This issue's cupcake is a tall drink of bubbly. Copy Sweet Paul's styling for the centrepiece and surround it with others decorated with just the silver balls:


Sweet Paul's brunches look aspirational, but he makes it easy to recreate the magic in your own kitchen:


 An icy blue Christmas is a gorgeous alternative to the traditional colour scheme:


Why not citrus in winter? I'm dying to make the blood orange vinaigrette:



Not to get ahead of ourselves, but it's fun to think about what's next, especially when it's all about spring:


Images from Sweet Paul magazine


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