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October 31, 2012

Bil Donovan Illustrates for Saks Fifth Avenue

Earlier this year, Bil Donovan was commissioned by Saks Fifth Avenue in New York to create fashion illustrations to accompany their Saksfirst rewards program promotions. I think it's such a thrill to see fashion illustration being used more prominently in commercial communications. (Twinings will be featuring Bil's work on their new range of limited edition Earl Grey teas.)

I'm going to put the question out here and on The Swelle Life's Facebook page:

Would you rather see photography with models or fashion illustration in fashion publicity? I think you can guess my answer! Creative photography using models never gets old (Nick Knight), but there is a standard look to most fashion and beauty retail photography that is less than inspiring. For example - if your favourite department store sent you a postcard for their latest promotion, would you be more tempted to keep it if it were a model standing by a window looking winsome, or this:


Here's the conversation happening on Facebook so far:

Sarah says: "I love both, as there is incredible talent in both areas...although I am more likely to keep examples of fashion illustrations."

Cyn says: "These are so beautiful! I think more campaigns needs to be illustrations again, so much more creative!!!!!"

Carol says: "Both art forms share equal talent and inspiration, I tend to prefer the fashion illustrations and would be more prone to want to keep an ad illustration rather than a photo. I would like to see a campaign with both styles used together creatively."


Let's hope others follow suit so that beautiful illustration such as Bil's can be a part of our daily lives!

Images courtesy of Bil Donovan - thanks Bil!


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