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September 11, 2012

Beauty Tips for Autumn Gorgeous Skin


Now that summer is nearly over and fall approaches (please don't shoot the messenger), we all have to prepare for dropping temperatures, long-sleeved clothes, shorter days and longer nights, and windy weather (actually I get most of that year-round living on the north east coast!). Often the change from season to season means feeling bad and exhausted because of the lack of sun and warmth. Furthermore, the risk of becoming ill increases since the body and its defenses have to adjust to the new temperatures, the lack of sun and the various bacteria. Various irritations as well as dryness and reddening of the skin are visible consequences of the harsher weather. To support the body and the skin it is essential to treat it with various balms and creams to supply it with moisture and energy. Keep in mind that the skin is the human body’s largest organ and should be given proper care and attention, it's not just about looking good!

Keeping the skin soft and healthy

On the BB cream website I found a cream that has not only protective properties but also covers up blemishes, making it absolutely ideal for the cold season. I dread that moisture-stripping weather when I've had a breakout, the look is not exactly 'dewy'! Irritations of the skin like the reddened areas on your nose in times of illness can simply be treated with this lotion, making the blotches instantly invisible. And since the irritated areas are not only concealed but at the same time supplied with ingredients like panthenol, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and liquorice root to moisturize, protect and calm the skin, these irritations will be healed quickly. To protect your lips from cracking, remember to treat them liberally and often with a lip care balm at the first sign of cold - don't wait until they hurt!

Stay healthy in the first place

To prevent getting a cold, try these tips:

Make sure your body gets enough rest so you'll have enough strength and energy to successfully fight bacteria (my new rule is no laptop past midnight)
Eat and drink enough to supply your body with the energy it needs
Wear warm clothes to prevent your body from losing warmth
Get your vitamins to increase your body’s stamina
Make sure to get enough exercise and oxygen each day

Sounds like a plan!


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Thanks for the nice tips! They are sure to help a lot of people during this time.


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