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July 20, 2012

WHAAM! Showstudio + Lindsey Wixson


If you've got 696 minutes and two seconds to spare - really, it's 11-plus hours! - you can watch the on-demand footage of Nick Knight shooting Lindsey Wixson for Garage magazine, or parts of it. With styling by Katy England, Showstudio's Knight reimagines Roy Lichtenstein's comic book-inspired pop art paintings - created as a commentary on popular culture and commercial art of the sixties - for the art and fashion mag's third issue. Lindsey is like a living doll, and I hadn't noticed until now that she has a real Hackers-era Angelina thing going on. The footage is only available until Monday in this format, so have a look sooner than later and prepare to get lost in the Showstudio behind-the-scenes world. I always do. 

(Garage's Dasha Zhukova may now be Mrs. Roman Abramovich (in essence), an influential patron of the arts, and former editor-in-chief of Pop magazine, yet I can't help but think of her as the girfriend in the stands at Wimbledon 10 years ago cheering on her then-beau, Marat Safin - remember that?)





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Great post on Wixson. Gotta go check out the fottage. I don't know if she has a "Hackers-era Angelina thing" going on but she's a perfect fit for pop art retrospect.

Thanks Sue Lin! The on-demand of the livestream will be down but they'll likely make a shorter film of the shoot. The Hackers reference - I should have just said Lindsey looks like a young Angelina, when she had that great full face, which is what I meant!

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