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April 09, 2012

Happy Easter!


Usually when playing Easter bunny, I set a trail of chocolate eggs from my daughter's bed, down the stairs and into the living room where her basket of goodies waits. Around midnight last night, after almost forgetting it was Easter Eve because we have friends up from London visiting and I can't fit two thoughts in my head at once, I grabbed some eggs to make the trail and began to lay them out. It then occurred to me that I was setting a death trap for my friend Julie who would be going downstairs around 5:30am with her baby in her arms. Plan B. Set a little teaser plate of treats on the floor in our room (our friends were staying in her room so she was with us) so she'll see something when she wakes up, and then step on the plate when I get up in the night. Plan C. Salvage what I can of the squashed treats, move it out of the path out the door. Set up the rest in the living room.

All was fine, another success credited to a giant bunny (this year she asked how he manages to do it all with paws instead of hands and the answer to that is 'practice'), and then we had our first Easter egg hunt outside, even managing to get some sunshine on a day that was supposed to be all gloom. In these magical days of communications techology we were able to have my parents watch it all from Canada on the iPad, and I heard my daughter tell them she saw the Easter Bunny run off through the garden while she was out there. I think she may have made that up.


Photos © The Swelle Life


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