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March 15, 2012

1000 Drawers...


...is probably still not enough. I found so many wonderful, unusual pieces when putting together my Fantasy Furniture Ideabook last month for Houzz.com (what, you don't have a throne in your house?),  and I've been meaning to go back and revisit some of the more intriguing makers.

Germany's Entwurf-Direkt is behind one of my favourite pieces from the Ideabook, an awkwardly stacked set of drawers - is it a chest? a console? - with brightly coloured highlights.  The creation is part of their 1000 Drawers project in which orphaned drawers (who knew?) are refurbished and designed to be attached to the wall. Each drawer is numbered and stamped and comes with a certificate. I would like to adopt one:


This is all part of a bigger project founded in 2001 by Entwurf-Direkt that would bring together a shop/event/art venue in one space. Today there are locations for shopping, exhibitions and lectures in both Hamburg and Berlin where you can also find advice on how to incorporate their unconventional furniture into your own decor. That's a good one because you'll probably need help (the answer is not to pile up your existing furniture so it fits in.)

I can't decide which I love more, the one in the header for its cheerful colour, or this for its pleasingly asymmetrical arrangment of 11 mismatched drawers and pulls, and the corrugated texture of the blue drawer: EntwurfDirektI won't strain over it, it's a moot point - at well over €2,000 I can't afford them! They're all one-offs, and I do think they're worth it. They're like mid-century modern with a sense of humour.

I love these things, let's look at more!


You can buy a single drawer! What would you do with one?


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I can't believe the wonderful things you have on your blog. Will be coming back soon!

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