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February 13, 2012

Cupcake Monday! Pretty Pink Valentine Treats


Lace-piped cookies from the brilliant Sweet Sugarbelle

Well, I needed look no further for beautiful Valentine cookies after I found these lace-piped pale pink ones, they are just gorgeous (as is her photography which is just as important as the cookie!). I usually feel I couldn't eat the prettiest treats, but I would have no trouble with these. Iced cookies have that nice crisp break when you bite into them and I have a drooly Pavlovian response when I see them. They wouldn't stand a chance.


Their talented creator Sweet Sugarbelle swears they're easy to do, these were her first try! Surely some are far more adept at these things than others, but if you want to give it a go she shares her (very comprehensive) tricks for perfection on her blog The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, and shows us some awesome black, round versions as well. I might actually try these if I can make friends with the piping bag, but I feel a fight coming on.

Valentines-cake-with-roses-1Cake Journal's Louise created this gorgeous blue and pink Valentine cake

I love this Valentine cake for its pretty simplicty and because it's blue.  I do prefer the pastels to the hot-blooded red we usually get for the occasion, even when it comes to roses, the kind you look at and smell as well as the kind you eat. Louise from Cake Journal created this cake for Valentine's two years ago which also happened to be her 10th wedding anniversary, so it was double romance.

As for Valentine's Day in the Swelle house, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers a day early, chosen by my daughter,  all in shades of pink of course. I can't say what Mr. Swelle is getting because he does read my blog, and Baby Swelle is getting a surprise Valentines breakfast in bed, and is reading this as I write it. Good thing the 'look at that over there' trick still works. She brings me breakfast in bed nearly ever weekend and wanted to tomorrow (she's on her half-term holiday), but I told her she needs to stay in bed for her own special surprise. (This morning I got some bread with jam on it because she can't use the toaster, a handful of corn flakes and a cold hot-cross bun. She told me that there were no butter knives in the drawer - there were - so she used one from the dishwasher but it was clean - it wasn't. Daddy reminded her to ask for help next time.) For serving I have a new floral tray with little hearts on it and I'm making her heart-shaped pancakes with a strawberry yogurt, cereal and raspberry parfait and an assortment of Valentine chocolates, and later on she'll be getting a pink Le Creuset cocotte with a rose frozen souffle. It's my first time making them so I hope it's not gross. The rest of the day will be spent running her around in the back garden to burn off some of that sugar high.

Have a lovely Valentines!


Inside is a chocolate cake with strawberry mousse!


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I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

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