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September 20, 2011

How To Dress & Groom for Fashion Week in One Piece!


Update: Thanks to Wicked Halo, the mystery of this person's identity is solved! Well, sort of.  Just before she saw this post she read an interview at Stylist which reveals that 'she' (there's no confirmation on the gender as of yet) is a conceptual artist by the name of Pandemonia (so that's what's written on her bag). When I first walked in and saw this startling figure I thought it might be Narcissister, but then abandoned that idea when I realised the figure in front of me was an Amazon and there was no mannequin face mask in sight. I would love to know how many people it takes to remove this at the end of the day. (This just conjured the Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in his new leather pants in a pasty mess...)

You can read the interview here which I have to admit was surprisingly compelling (Gaga has jaded me) ...

Like a sucker I put on tights, a dress, jacket, necklace, blowdried and straightened my hair and did my makeup to attend my London Fashion Week events, when I could have saved all of that time and planning with a latex head-to-toe suit and blow-up hairdo! (Ok, my post-shower getting ready takes a total of about 25 minutes only if I'm being honest. If my skin doesn't look like a plate of meatballs that day.)

On Sunday evening I walked into a presentation at Somerset House - one I was nearly salivating over in anticipation - and saw this real-life cartoon character which had me very confused, I thought it was a major departure for the designer, then realised when I saw the models wearing her jawdroppingly styled outfits that this was not part of the show. I'm not going to mention who, that's coming later. I thought the presence of this person was a bit of a party crasher, a major distraction from what was one of the greatest collections I've seen, ever. So hopefully this was a friend and all part of the fun. Then again, it is Fashion Week...

(I don't know who this is but my guess is it's a man under there. I know my Dad is reading this and asking 'You think that's a guy?!' Yes, I'd put money on it. And how hot must that costume be? I couldn't fight off the sweat moustache and my entire body wasn't cling-wrapped in latex! I have to admit, I was very concerned this person was going to suffocate in the name of fashion!)

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that person was definitely making a major fashion statement!

What a coincidence!!! Just today I discovered this guy's (and yes I also think it's a guy) work (if we can call it that) in an interview he gave!
You can read it here:


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