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July 29, 2011


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Gorgeous images :)
I love how much detail was put in when all this was created! Must have taken such a long time to perfect! xxx

Elissa Shaw

The mirror is placed that way to give you the idea of how they worked. If MA was not in the mood of having people looking into her private space she would raise the mirrors--if not she let the light in. In the lower part of the Petite Trianon where they have all her plates arranged--next to the kitchen area you can see the mechanisms that allowed this system to work. Very good idea!

Denise @ Swelle

Pippa - Thank you! Check back for future posts, these were by far the least impressive of the rooms so you're in for a treat!

Elissa - Thanks so much for this information. I am about to review my photos of the room with the plates to see if I caught this. Thanks again!

Denise ♥

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