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July 29, 2011

Versailles Series: Marie Antoinette's Petite Chambre


I've been dying to get back to my tour of Versailles! We're back on track now with Marie Antoinette's bedroom. I know what you're thinking, "This can't be it." Well, this was just one, her bedroom in the Petite Trianon, her private chateau (which really was private - husband Louis had to ask permission to enter, not that he really cared to).

It's very modest in contrast to its salons, though surely better than anything we have, but still very small (which is why the angles in the photos are short):

Either she was incredibly petite or she liked to sleep in the fetal position. I don't think she had a choice here!



The reflection in the mirror looks odd due to my crude eradicating of the tourists (yes, I know I am one, too, we're all guilty of ruining each other's photos) 



TheSwelleLife_9 Marie Antoinette's other 'throne'

Now I found this a bit odd. As you stand in the doorway to her bedroom you will find a tiny salon to the left. I guess this was her ensuite sitting room and there's nothing strange about that, but it just felt so awkward, kind of shoehorned into the space. Though still lovely and not lacking in the handcrafted detail of the grand salons, done in white with gorgeous silvery blue tapestry accented with lots of gilt, of course.

TheSwellelife_10 That second mirror on the outside wall seems strangely placed?




Lots more to come next week (and the next week, and the next week...)!

Photos © The Swelle Life


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Gorgeous images :)
I love how much detail was put in when all this was created! Must have taken such a long time to perfect! xxx

The mirror is placed that way to give you the idea of how they worked. If MA was not in the mood of having people looking into her private space she would raise the mirrors--if not she let the light in. In the lower part of the Petite Trianon where they have all her plates arranged--next to the kitchen area you can see the mechanisms that allowed this system to work. Very good idea!

Pippa - Thank you! Check back for future posts, these were by far the least impressive of the rooms so you're in for a treat!

Elissa - Thanks so much for this information. I am about to review my photos of the room with the plates to see if I caught this. Thanks again!

Denise ♥

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