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July 06, 2011


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Wicked Halo

Overall I was quite disappointed with this, it was all over the place, no cohesion between the clearly distinct 3 parts of the show. Also it was unfortunate that it saw the light of day in the same week as Galliano's wedding dress for Kate Moss, almost like a reminder of what could have been!

Denise @ Swelle

Wicked - Great point about Kate's Galliano dress which was stunning. I really didn't like the collection overall and yes, it seemed to be a mishmash of conflicting ideas. I wouldn't want the job of keeping the house going, this looks like the beginning of a volatile transition.

Denise ♥


Not a fan of the new direction...hmm.


I have a strange desire to wear that eye makeup.


I might be having a bit of an ice cream acid trip.

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