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February 10, 2011


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I'm excited already, can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Denise @ Swelle

Thank you, Carly! I'll be seeing the finished dresses tomorrow and can't wait to get them on my models! ♥♥♥


This makes me stupid happy. How exciting for you!

alexandra keller

oooo - i can't wait to see more!

Yuliya Zhurba

Hi, i was wondering how you find a seamstress and a pattern grader? is it usually a few dresses in 1 or 2 sizes?

Denise @ Swelle

Thanks so much, Sian and Alex. You're awesome!!!

Hi Yuliya, I am very lucky to have a talented friend who has that specific background and was interested and available to help me produce the line, otherwise I highly doubt I'd be able to find the right person. It's a daily commitment. I've sourced the fabric in small quantities to keep things fresh, we'll be offering only two or three of each style/fabric, in sizes S, M and L. Having them handmade means we can make each one a bit different and offer one-offs or limited edition. Not sure if you were looking for advice or were just interested in the line but I hope that helps!

Denise ♥

Yuliya Zhurba

Hi! thank you for responding! i am looking for advice, anything i can get :)and i am interested in the line, i love to find people who do something like what i'd like to. i design/sew and can grade patterns, but it's very time consuming, so i was hoping to have someone grade/cut/sew so i can concentrate on designing and growing. May i ask what where from and how many (yards) do you source your fabric on average?

Yuliya Zhurba

i also love reading your blog, it's very fresh and cool :) i've done it for quiet some time now. and i like that you share, not just the gist here and there.

Denise @ Swelle

Thank you, Yuliya! I really don't have a rigid formula, especially as this is just the start of the label, I'm trying things and seeing what works. I buy from shops I visit when I travel as there's not a lot of great stuff where I live, and I like buying in person rather than online so I can feel the fabrics. As for quantities, it's really just based on how much I like it and how much is available, and whether I want to do a lot of dresses or just a few in that fabric. Price is a factor. It all comes down to your business model and how you plan production. That should be based not just on what you want to do, but what is cost-effective and feasible. So many factors to seriously consider. Good luck!

Denise ♥

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