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January 20, 2011

Karen Elson Can Sing


It took me a while to get up to speed on Karen Elson's recording debut. I recall hearing quite a while back that she had made an album and I guess I figured it would filter its way down to me. Well, it didn't, not until yesterday when I was reminiscing on YouTube. For once one of their suggestions was for a video I would actually watch (I guess they haven't clued in yet that I am always up for a 'hits to the crotch' or 'barfing babies' montage.)

I had no doubt she would have musical talents, for to be Jack White's wife you would have to be good to put it out there. And that's what she thought, too, with regards to her songwriting. He already knew she sang 'like angel, had a gorgeous voice' (awww!) but she hid the songs she'd written until she was sure she wouldn't get divorced could impress her beloved, and impress him she did and they got to work and we now have an album called The Ghost Who Walks and some videos. White calls her style 'folk-country-goth', which fits. She plays guitar, sings beautifully, delivers hauntingly catchy songs and of course looks incredible while doing it. And she uses a lot of peach. We could use more peach in the world. (Don't laugh, it's a good colour!)

Fullscreen capture 19012011 122226

'Who is this Karen Elson' you ask? She's best known as the British model with vibrant red hair and transluscent skin, who had no eyebrows for awhile and that became her signature look. She was referred to as 'alien' and all kinds of ridiculous names for her unique looks by people in the industry who obviously forgot that she was paid to be memorable. And now everyone is shaving off their eyebrows. Fickle industry!


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I had never heard of her before your post but having checked out some tracks I really like her voice - it has a lovely tone to it!

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