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January 26, 2011


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Great post!!!! Completely agree with you...

elena daciuk

never understood the thrill of it...it isnt the same thing...clear as day...
great post! i agree wholeheartedly!




I'm there. I would rather have far fewer quality pieces that I completely adore and will continue to give me joy for years - classic or not, than I would half a collection of garments made from inferior fabrics. The logic of celebrities fronting collections for the high street is not lost on me, but high end designers surely only serve to dilute their reputation?

Don't get me wrong though - I am a complete bargain hunter when it comes to my wardrobe and my home; my budget doesn't exactly run to Chanel - aside from in my dreams of course! :-)

Vint Junky

Have to agree Lanvin x H&M was the strangest collab. Not much of a jump from prada for primark. I was so curious to see how the Lanvin dresses would translate and their quality but our local store wasn't stocking it.
I think in the case of lesser known designers doing a collab, such as the asos collaborations, it can be advantageous to get their name out there. But it also must be soul destroying to see your designs watered down and hacked into
Fantastic post denise!


I love the part about paying for the quality. I am finally at the age where I want the clothes I buy to last forever because they feel great, wear through the day and speak to who I am

Wicked Halo

It's true I think at first you're excited at the idea of owning an actual designer piece but then when you look at it, it's just one step away from a knock off. Lanvin for H&M was of the poorest quality possible considering that for your usual hm stuff the price was steep

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