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January 10, 2011

Cupcake Monday! 'Those are cakes?' Part 1


In two recent Cupcake Mondays I said I was going to show more cakes from Sweet Disposition, they are truly spectacular and some are just mind-bogglingly impressive. Take this Steampunk birthday cake - the intricate detail, the shading, the open latch! What? How??!! Tate, I know you're only four but I hope you appreciate what this lady did for you and you didn't slobber all over it when you blew out those homemade candle things on the side there.

To put any doubts to rest as to whether this really was cake, she posted this:


I know, no one wants to see it this way. It's like when C-3P0 gets taken apart in Star Wars. Very unsettling. Do you see the three layer fudge cake in there? That just might be worth the carnage.

Here's another crazy good cake:


Vroom! Into my mouth!

She created this Aston Martin car cake for a VIP client of the Hilton Adelaide. His wife requested a replica of her husband's car for a surprise party. Bets that he stared at it and didn't know what it was? Not many (straight) guys would be aware that you can make cakes like this. But your boyfriend watches Cake Boss with you every week, you say? That's nice, but probably not typical.

It's a chocolate mudcake with a few non edible bits - the side windows and the skewers holding the tyres in. Not only does this guy have a better car than us, he's got a better cake, too. That's really not fair.

While 'Hilton VIP' gets a cool car cake, poor Gary gets some kind of message about his bathroom habits, in edible form. Eeewww. Just don't sit down, Gary.

From the funny folks at Kandy Cakes.


And we'll be seeing a lot more next week from Kandy Cakes because I've just discovered how incredible they are, too!

Here's a skateboard cake made for 7 year-old Ethan and when they delivered it the kids asked if they could ride it - they had no idea it was cake. See?!!!


I have to go eat cake now so tune in next week for more, including a bong cake! (I was baking it for a friend, mum!)


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I heart things like this.

how could someone actually eat that cake? It is too pretty to eat. I hope it tasted even better than it looked.

I saw the first cake, noticed 'Tate' written on the bottom, then said out loud in disbelief, "That's a CAKE?!" ... and then read your title. INCREDIBLE!

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