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December 02, 2010

Stephen Jones' Glamour on a Budget: The Reveal

Fullscreen capture 01122010 134545


Yesterday during Showstudio's latest LivesStudio session, Stephen Jones created a floral centrepiece and a beautiful hat trimmed with fresh flowers as his contribution to their latest exhibition, Florist. When Stephen reappeared after changing outfits - I love that he had a setting up outfit and one for working - he greeted us with 'Welcome to Glamour on a Budget' and I thought he was kidding, but apparently that was the title of this project. Which makes perfect sense considering the centrepiece was made of yogurt pots, wire hangers and toilet paper rolls! It's like the coolest nursery school craft time ever. And you'd think I'd have a photo of the final piece but the feed cut out, then they broke for a bit and there's nothing on the site. Just trust me it didn't look like it was made from the contents of your recycle bin!

The piece will be available for sale in the Showstudio Shop, so I'm a bit confused as to how that is pulled off with fresh flowers! An edited version of the session is currently being prepared.

The next Livestudio happens Monday, 6 December 10:00 GMT and it's with Mary Katrantzou!

The model was wearing an incredible John Galliano trench:


And Stephen loved her shoes:

Fullscreen capture 01122010 134514



Photos are screencaps of the livestream, the trench and final shot is from Showstudio


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I love the trench,too, but the shoes are hideous with it, I think. And is it just me or do they make her feet look ginormous?

I can say all of that because I am practically perfect - LOL.

Hmmm, I don't like the shoes either, that is one hell of a hat though!

Legend! I wish he's rustle something up for me ;)

...and i do like the shoes, they have a modern vintage feel

So that's two against, one for the shoes. I wouldn't say no if someone offered them to me!

He's on a chair but it kind of looks like he's sitting on her lap, doesn't it?

Love him, he can do no wrong.

Denise ♥

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