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December 07, 2010

Showstudio: Mary Katrantzou Making a Blooming Skirt Live!

Fullscreen capture 07122010 142945

Click to view the livestream

As I write this, Mary Katrantzou is putting the final touches on her lampshade skirt made of hundreds of flowers. Mary is the latest to create a piece live in the SHOWstudio.com LiveStudio, fo their Florist exhibition. She was just discussing the model's look with the makeup artist for the big reveal. The structure for the garment was created yesterday by welder Rob Hall.

What I love about these intimate work sessions, beyond the insight into the designer or artist's creative process is the glimpse it gives us into their personality. You can easily see who is lovely (Mary is), who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders, who likes throwing up on things. (Yes, Millie Brown aka Puking Millie does that. I didn't tune in. I did look at the result, and if I'd seen something really beautiful in her um, 'expression', it would have caused me to contemplate what I know about the process behind creating beauty and there might have been something profound in that analysis, a revelation. However, to me it just looked like someone barfed coloured paint. Which was actually coloured milk. I'll fully admit that I can't get past her method to consider it thoughtfully, and I'm not sure I'm obligated, which to me means don't judge it, then. I just looked again and it actually caused me to gag, seeing her bent over the canvas with the milk spilling Pollock-ly? from her mouth. I tried. To each her own.)

So, flowery skirts! Watch before it's gone, she's been at it since this morning.

Fullscreen capture 07122010 142741

Above is the early construction of the Lampshade skirt, and it immediately reminded me of the work of Lola Brooks, my favourite artist jeweller:

Lola Brooks


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