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November 22, 2010

How Not To Embarrass Yourself at a Party

  Holiday dresses @ Swelle Boutique

  1. Don't arrive at your holiday party going to town on a kebab.
  2. Drink in moderation to later avoid needing and therefore asking your fellow revellers if they can lend you a Tena pad (or is that just me?)
  3. Check that your new exorbitantly priced heels are not dragging half a toilet roll behind you. 
  4. No matter how good you think you are at doing The Robot - don't.
  5. And most importantly, make an entrance in a gorgeous dress that is guaranteed to bear no resemblance whatsoever to the latest high street window display, for there's a good chance if you do, you won't be the only one representing. You'll be spending the night hiding behind pillars and portly gents while guests are mentally comparing who styled it better. Who needs that? (And you had to pay for it!)

The charm of being an original amongst the identikit masses is one of the reasons I exclusively offer one-offs and limited edition pieces in Swelle Boutique, and luckily I know some very talented people who specialise in doing just that. The three dresses above, left, are one-offs from Rowanjoy, a long time Swelle favourite who uses new and vintage fabrics to create her enchanting, adorable pieces that make girls look dreamy. The Wrapped Up strapless styles are the perfect party dresses and the Obscura halter can go holiday soiree as well as resort.

On the right: It doesn't come more special than an original print created by an inspired and inspirational artist who is behind many of the prints from the London fashion week catwalks. Rob and Kate Burton are the duo known as embodied.creative, and Swelle Boutique is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer their exquisite, limited edition, made-to-order digital art print dresses to you. Thoroughly contemplated imagery is richly layered on fine silks to produce complexity and beauty in colour and texture, as seen in the stunning Babaji and Moonshadow dresses. A collection of gorgeous scarves in a choice of silks and sizes is also available.

  Wholly Cow
Wholly Cow is an English label of one-off and limited edition pieces that have beautifully handmade touches such as contrasting crocheted collars and sleeves, and hand carved oak toggles specially made for the dresses, all seen above. Fabrics are luxe and include silk crepe and Italian tweed. The lovely tweed in the toggle wrap dress above has pretty turquoise flecks throughout the pattern, complemented  by the crocheted collar. The black shift can be made in a variety of lengths with your choice of colour for the mohair silk crochet sleeves. The cobalt version is a one-off that also looks great as a top with skinny jeans.

And if you're more of a smart top and skirt girl, there's Mitra's Victoriana mini-collection that offers a seriously figure flattering outfit of the Parlor Gathering top adorned with a list of sweet details, and its perfect accompaniment, the Promenade Pencil skirt with a lacey kick out the back which you can wear demurely or bold depending on your mood. Finish the look with the Victoriana Jacquard wool coat. All are one-offs.

By buying at Swelle Boutique you are supporting independent designers in the UK, Italy, Canada and the United States who personally create the high quality, original work that bears their name, from conception to final stitch.


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But it's not a party if SOMEONE doesn't embarrass herself!

Ha! That's where I come in, Wendy!

...and it wouldn't be a party if i didn't do the robot!

I think i've said it before but i seriously LOVE that long silk printed dress. Not sure if Santa will think i deserve it though ;)

Massive cheer for supprting independent designers, and the pieces you've chosen are incredible

I need to say: Such lovely ideas - especially the Wholly Cow in cobalt, gorgeous! George x

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