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November 03, 2010


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I want giant shoulder ... things.


I expected to feel slightly dismayed as I often am by the more odd catwalk creations but this is irreverent in just the right way!

I could see Grace Jones rocking one of the angel-sleeved dresses!

Jem xXx

Amy H.

"Isn't it more fun and enriching to try to understand something so incongruent with our beliefs than to dimiss it?" -- a perfect approach to fashion, and to life.


I love that Anrealage's inflatable dress can double as a Zorb. Keep pushin' the boundaries!

Wrecked Stellar

The black trench with the angel wings is outstanding! Hope you're well! xo, mel

Vint Junky

I'm always more intrigued by the unwearable.
Although i most definitely WOULD wear that inflated black bubble skirt in the last pics ;)
Good old Tokyo!

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