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October 20, 2010


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Not gonna lie...I really like the green parasol dotted with pink...flowers (?) in the last set. Pretty! Impractical on a day-to-day basis, but pretty. :)

Vint Junky

Adore the first piece in the Sunao Kuwahara collection...it's like a Anna Sui/Eley Kishimoto hybrid!

Denise @ Swelle

Jennifer - I do love a pretty parasol myself! I am still committed to getting one, eventually!

Nic - Spot on, 'tis indeed!

Denise ♥

Double Glazing

It's a fashionista's worst experience, even worse than looking oversize buddy, more degrading than wearing the same dress in another party -- it's the fear of symbolizing looking yesteryear fashion trend model.

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