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October 25, 2010

Cupcake Monday: Autumn in a Cupcake


Pinecone and Maple Leaf cupcakes from Saucemania's Flickr


I guess I was feeling nostalgic for Cupcake Monday. It's been a few months since I retired it after a year of weekly eye candy in a wrapper and today I just felt the urge to do it again. I had no idea how popular Cupcake Monday actually was until I received a flood of emails from readers (politely) expressing their disappointment that it was over. So for you, I will have more regular cupcake posts starting with this one, dedicated to autumn. A walk on a crisp, sunny autumn day surrounded by flame and cherry tinted maple leaves is one of life's greatest pleasures. (Except when you slip on  wet leaves and fall on your ass and walk away oblivious that some of them are stuck to it.)



Guaranteed sugar fix: Maple syrup cupcakes with fondant maple leaves from Gillyflower Jewellery

Fall cupcake7
Too bad no credit was given where I found these chocolate tree cupcakes - they're so neat!

Laser cut leaf cupcake wrappers from Fancy Flours


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These are beautiful as usual! I love the chocolate trees.

The hubs and bubs tried to make cupcakes on sunday. While wondering why they had fell in the middle and tasted distinctly like pancake, i found my juicer in the dishwasher. yes, he thought the juicer was a mixer...idk!

I'm feeling deliciously autumnal today after a wander through the changing leaves and a good cup of tea - I think a maple leaf cupcake would round off the day beautifully. Yum!

These are gorgeous! I could gorge myself on them (pardon the pun). Remind you of good ol' Canada?

Nic - I laughed so hard at your story!

Jem - Oh, wouldn't it? I'll have to track down a recipe!

Kristen - They do and probably will forever!

Denise ♥

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