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October 31, 2010


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She looks AMAZING!


She looks fantastic - I bet she was the envy of all, the Swelle Belle of the spooky ball!

On another note, it could be purely psychological but having overindulged on the Haribo myself I'm finding peppermint tea is going down a treat!

Jem xXx

Denise @ Swelle

Wendy - Thank you! I'm not sure she knew what she was, but she loved dressing up nonetheless!

Jem - Thanks! She did get great reactions but didn't seem to quite understand the difference between hers and all the identikit witch costumes. She's only 5, I guess it's better to be nonchalant than think you're hot stuff! So you know my Haribo pain! Seriously, I could feel it sitting there for two days! I'm still turned off. I also find that peppermint tea is great for settling a stuffed tum - I've been using it a lot lately!

Denise ♥



I hope the graze on her face is healing quickly! I was an accident prone little one and I'm now an accident prone adult too, I wouldn't know what to recommend for the cut but I can suggest Arnica cream or gel for the next time she knocks herself and bruises - it's great stuff :-)

P.S She'll be more and more grateful as she grows up that she'll never have an identikit Halloween costume! :-)

Jem xXx

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