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August 29, 2010


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alexandra keller

it's a funny looking spelling, but it is Gorbachev - I speak fluent Ukrainian & took a bit of Russian in college. the teacher liked me at first, but then she realized I was translating a lot from Ukrainian....
the J looking letter makes a G sound(sometimes an H sound - sometimes interchangeable), the P looking letter makes an R sound. and the letter that looks like a lower case L on the end, is just supposed to look like a lower case B (the loop didn't come back up & close) and that makes the V sound.
i haven't been to Regretsy in a while, so i'll go take a look :D

Denise @ Swelle

Thanks for the explanation, Alex! I was beginning to think the artist had given them nicknames.

Denise ♥


OMG...my old boss from the early 90's went to Russia and actually bought and brought these nesting dolls back as well. HAHA - what a blast from the past...

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