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August 21, 2010

New Model is 'Equal Parts Björk and Snow White'


That's the description WWD gave Beth Chase, a newly discovered model from Utah, and it's spot on. We're more than ready for a face like hers. As exquisite as the angel-alien Russians may be, they've had their time. This girl is a breath of fresh mountain air. I wonder if she can sing Some Day My Prince Will Come in raspy, broken (Bjorken?) English?

You can read about how this 5'10, 19-year-old has a thing for Sylvester Stallone (I hope for her sake he doesn't find out about this) and "respects" Karlie Kloss for getting into modelling at 13, here. Ah, youth.


These two Polaroids drive home the point that aspiring models should be able to pull it off in a white T-shirt and clean face. I once saw a girl go into a modelling agency with her mother, she had an updo straight from the salon and enough makeup to spackle four faces. I won't even get into her outfit but let's just say it was tight and it sparkled.





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She's lovely!

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