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June 02, 2010


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Yes, erratic and eccentric, but then have a look at his Girl at the Window, one of his early works. It is the most beautiful thing painted in all of the 20th century if artauty is meant as defined by Nietzsche as a work of thankfulness. In that painting everything is just olé: the curtain, the girl's legs, the landscape, the little towel beside her, and you see it once and never again forget any of it, nor its colours and not even the reflections of the landscape in the window panes. But he became a prankster, a clown dragged along by a hurrah audience.

Retro Chick

I was the same, I loved Dali as a teenager. He's amazingly inspirational. You can certainly see his influence on edgier designers like Gaultier and McQueen as well.

Didn't love trying to analyse Un Chien Andalou as a film student though. How do you write about something that conciously makes little sense?

Couture Carrie

This is seriously the best blog post I have seen EVER! I was an art history major in college and you taught me something new about one of my favorite artists! How cool that Dali collaborated with Schiaparelli! Exquisitely sublime fashion-meets-art surrealist pieces!



I really enjoyed the Surrealist exhibit at the V&A a while ago...was it a couple of years ago now?

You can imagine how much I love any and all red lips things.

Wicked Halo

GREAT, GREAT post, loved it, I love surrealism and obviously Dali, but I wasn't really aware of his collabs with Elsa (I've googled all the frocks already :)

Denise @ Swelle

Cantueso - you just brought me back to what I loved most about Dali, those details that seem impossible for any human to create. I used to sit and stare at the details in his paintings and wish so hard that I could watch him do it so see how it was done. It's a shame he needed the constant attention, but then again, I suspect the part of him that manifested as prankster is the same part that gave him an appreciation for the more elusive things. He indulged it rather than repressed it - which for a surrealist would be an impossible task!

Retro Chick - I have always closed my eyes in the eyeball scene in Un Chien Andalou! Yes, better to not think too hard about that one...

CC - Aw, thank you, that's so nice! Very happy to have shared!

Wendy - if Dali was alive today you could have been his inspiration for Wendy B lips sofa!

Wicked Halo - Thank you! Doesn't the lobster dress look like a lobster bib from a seafood house? Blasphemous, I know, but that's what it reminds me of!

Denise ♥


you should check out the surreal work of Meret Oppeinheim. She defied Brenton's boy's club of Parisian surrealism. She started out as a muse to the boys but once she lost her youthful prettiness they found other girls for subjects. In the end her artistic talent and wit surpassed most surrealists.


Denise @ Swelle

Lauren, thanks for nice addition to the conversation. I can never hear the name Meret Oppenheim without tasting fur because of the association with her fur teacup. But of course she was much more than that!

Denise ♥

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