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May 15, 2010

Surprises at Chanel Cruise 2011


Nothing out of the ordinary here, 'proper' Chanel

I'm just not sure what to expect when I see what's come off the runway at Chanel these days (and this is fashion so that's probably the point). The fake fur extravaganza for fall and the previous spring hoe-down had me scratching my head. But the spring haute couture was an absolute dream, and I guess that's what I want to see consistently from Chanel, it's just too good not to want it each and every time.

As for the surprises, I know the whole '"Look! They used a 'normal' girl!" is a bit boring, like a girl with curves is a freakshow at the event. But having said that, "Look! Karl used a normal girl!" at his Saint-Tropez resort collection show. Plus-sized model extraordinaire Crystal Renn was one (looking not so plus-sized, actually):


But what is more confounding than Karl's love/hate relationship with body image (but why should that be exempt from his fickle tendencies) is his choice of outfits in some cases. What Crystal is wearing does not whisper 'Chanel, mon cheri' in my ear. It's more like a screeching 'CHANEL??!!' Is it just me? I'm going by my first impression, a reaction which caused me to sit back in my chair. Oh yeah, it was that extreme, it creaked and everything. And what about this one:


So is it just me or does this say early 90s to you? More importantly, would you spend thousands on this outfit? Would this really be the look you would take away from a Chanel boutique if you were about to fly off for a beachy holiday? I imagine one would have to be extremely wealthy to be willing to throw the plastic at stone-washed cropped and cut off denim.

And here we have Eniko Mihalik, who in flats, bikini bottoms and beach dress looks nice and curvy in all her womanly glory - where was she hiding that? She has the most endearing face, she always looks like she's smiling:


And then there was Georgia May Jagger who was tied in with references to Bardot (duh) and her dad. Some guy named Mick. He had some hits. I don't really want to show you but here you go anyway:


I can't not mention the men's outfits which are the gifts that keep on giving:


Come on, quit messing around. Just go full pirate.

And Chanel girl Vanessa Paradis who I'm including because, you know.


Photos: WWD.com


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Double denim?!

Wendy - Ha! How did that escape me? Especially when we've been talking about the dreaded double denim? I was almost coming around to the idea in some cases, but this one is a definite no!

Denise x

hmmmm...i am with you...makes you sit back and say...huh? if and when i were...like you said...to put down the plastic for chanel...it would definately not be for a 90's throwback stone-washed look =)
i still say "never" to double denim... =)

Such a fun collection!


Bleh on the denim. Seriously bleh. I also find it how not really plus-size the plus size models are.

I would be more forgiving but this is unacceptable to even remotely attach to the name Chanel!! Karl baby I will help you out. You need me.

I love the reactions to the double denim! (Or even the denim pieces on their own, I'm assuming. I suppose a designer who does about 15 collections a year might mis-step once in a while!

Still, to quote Chic' n Cheap: 'bleh'!

Denise ♥

One would think that when Chanel tackles denim, they would reinvent with the chicquest of flair, but this is just plain bah

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