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May 15, 2010


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Double denim?!

Denise @ Swelle

Wendy - Ha! How did that escape me? Especially when we've been talking about the dreaded double denim? I was almost coming around to the idea in some cases, but this one is a definite no!

Denise x

elena daciuk

hmmmm...i am with you...makes you sit back and say...huh? if and when i were...like you said...to put down the plastic for chanel...it would definately not be for a 90's throwback stone-washed look =)
i still say "never" to double denim... =)

Couture Carrie

Such a fun collection!


Chic 'n Cheap Living

Bleh on the denim. Seriously bleh. I also find it how not really plus-size the plus size models are.


I would be more forgiving but this is unacceptable to even remotely attach to the name Chanel!! Karl baby I will help you out. You need me.

Denise @ Swelle

I love the reactions to the double denim! (Or even the denim pieces on their own, I'm assuming. I suppose a designer who does about 15 collections a year might mis-step once in a while!

Still, to quote Chic' n Cheap: 'bleh'!

Denise ♥

Wicked Halo

One would think that when Chanel tackles denim, they would reinvent with the chicquest of flair, but this is just plain bah

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