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April 07, 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl: Nostalgia (with 1920s Train Carriages)


Fullscreen capture 07042010 213123

I like her dress.

This week's The Delicious Miss Dahl looks at 'Nostalgia', the kind of food that reminds you of home. Sophie found herself terribly homesick while she lived in New York, despite her initial feel that she had found home. As usual her recipes are straightforward and homey, and after seeing the results I was longing for her past as well!

If you love fish, there's always something there for you. She's doesn't eat red meat but she's fond of the fishies and so am I, I'm going to try out the fish cakes this weekend:

Fullscreen capture 07042010 183406
Her fishcakes fell apart. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to.

Get the recipe for crab, salmon and dill fishcakes with homemade tartare sauce, roasted red potatoes and wilted spinach here. I'm not a huge fan of tartare sauce (the gherkins pieces look like...well let's not go there, so I prefer a lemon or blush tomato mayonnaise.)


Fullscreen capture 07042010 182728

Fullscreen capture 07042010 221501

The cooked tomatoes with thyme, garlic and onions ready to blended for the tomato soup

Fullscreen capture 07042010 221551

Who doesn't love a cheesy double baked potato? (That reminds me of when I was in school and a friend was training for something and was carb loading and ate five baked potatoes before arriving - doubled over with cramps - for a movie night out. I won't go into detail but a note of apology was left in the bathroom at the theatre. Do not eat five baked potatoes in one day.)

Fullscreen capture 07042010 181045

Sophie took a ride on a 'slow, sleepy' train to take in the English countryside, her favourite way of seeing it. I'd like to know where such a charming train exists because upholstery, curtains, carpet and tablecloths have certainly not been a part of my locomotive experiences around the UK!

Fullscreen capture 07042010 181120

The conductor is pulling the whistle, not making the 'heil' gesture. Look at this train, it's like travelling back in time! 

Okay, I couldn't leave it alone and on a hunch I googled 'orient express' and found that there are two trains, one with 1920s carriages and the other with 1930s art deco interiors, that run in the UK! Awesome! And the whole point is to see the English countryside in majestic style. Check it out here. That sure beats the toilet on wheels I usually travel on.

Fullscreen capture 07042010 182440

Orange and raspberry Victoria sponge and golden flapjacks with mango, sour cherries and coconut, for a proper accompaniment to your tea. When I first came to live in England I didn't know what flapjacks were. To me they were another word for pancake. I soon found out they had nothing to do with pancakes. I admit I don't get the allure of the flapjack, I think it's one of those traditional English things that an outsider, even one from a Commonwealth country, can't appreciate having not grown up with it. I'll take a slice of that big fluffy cake instead.


Fullscreen capture 07042010 183836-1

Sophie Dahl offers no apologies for decadent desserts. I love that. This toffee, apple and pear crumble is meant to mimic the sensation and taste of a bite of a toffee apple. Those things are evil, but oh so delicious. 

I am now going to order our groceries and I'm including all of the ingredients to make the fish cakes, double baked potatoes and tomato soup...and just maybe I'll do the crumble. 


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