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April 13, 2010


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That horse installation art is amazing!

Wrecked Stellar

Wow, I was going to say my favorite photo was the Delft tiles but then I saw the horse/unicorn in crystals and am left amazed. These are all such stunning photographs!


Oh WOW! Incredible, just incredible. Two of my favourite things combine, sparkle and horses!

Couture Carrie

Absolutely gorgeous photos, darling!
Especially loving the Delft tiles!



So beautiful! Just imagine you could use them as background for photoshoots... I will have to discover a few more castles this summer, too.


Seeing these make me want to jump on a plane bound for Europe. At first I was all "ooohhh ahhhhh" over the Delft tiles and then I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the crystal horse. Holy my little pony! So amazing.

Catwalk Creative Vintage

The Delft tiles are beautiful and the Stella McCartney horse is amazing! Thank you for sharing your images. Wonderful stuff! :)


ooh man gorgeous!!


The horse is just stunningly beautiful and fits in so well with the rest of the castle. I can only imagine how it was to actually visit and experience everything firsthand.


Just catching up here. What a gorgeous place and you got some great pictures. Funny about Stella McCartney getting a bit of the old genius passed on down...


I so love old castles and homesteads - you can feel the history in them.... and the delft tiles are my favorite! so simple and sweet... and I had heard about the swarovski horse but I didn't know it was still there - amazing!

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