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April 01, 2010

Chanel for Target Collection Set to Launch

Karl_lagerfeld We’ve seen Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Viktor & Rolf, and Commes de Garcons, all shocking high fashion brand collaborations with high street chains. So it really was only a matter of time before Chanel jumped into the high street/designer collab game, wasn’t it?

It’s not that much a stretch, considering Karl Lagerfeld was the first to join forces with a retail giant to bring luxury fashion to the masses when his namesake capsule collection for H&M debuted in 2004. And it’s no surprise that Lagerfeld teamed with American discount retail giant Target for the legendary fashion house’s first foray into watering down its offerings – considering a sister brand hasn’t even been established – rather than work with H&M again. He had accused the popular high street chain of ‘snobbery’ due to their limited number of pieces per style from his range; he found the offerings too ‘exclusive’. It’s little wonder this kind of elitism offended Kaiser Karl’s tender sensibilities; if there’s anything the Diet Coke butler-employing designer is, it’s democratic.

The deal with Target involves the manufacturing of what some industry insiders have referred to as a ‘crapload’ of dresses, suits, separates and logoed t-shirts. Lagerfeld says that while the Chanel for Target plain white tees with black double Cs emblazoned across the front won’t quite match the quality of Chanel’s plain white tees with black double Cs emblazoned across the front that retail for $800, he can promise that they will most certainly be as good as, or “nearly as good as the ones you find on Canal St.”

Fashion Constipation, an up-and-coming blogger who posts about her difficulties getting dressed every morning, a condition for which she receives government benefits in France, was granted a lucky preview of the sketches and had this to say about the collection: “I always thought I was going to have to wait for my grandmother to die before I ever got to own a real Chanel tweed jacket. Now I can abandon such evil thoughts thanks to Target. Though from what I’ve seen it’s more tweed-like than actual tweed. And I probably won’t be able to pass it down to my grandchildren. Mon dieu, I’m just hoping it will survive a dry cleaning.”

Chanel for Target collection is set to launch…never.

April Fools. If you hadn't yet figured that out. ♥


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Hahahaha you got me!!! good one!
Happy Easter!

oh my gosh...YOU TOTALLY GOT ME...as i was reading...i was fuming...thing...what next? chanel please...don't do it...my emotions were all over the place...and then i get to the end...funny girl!

Really?? Ha! I sincerely hope now that I've said this will never happen that means it will. It couldn't ever. Right? Let's see - what else would be utterly shocking and ridiculous?

How about Lanvin?

D. ♥

Very clever :)

good one, you had me going no way jose, and then poof ah ah good joke ;)

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