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March 24, 2010


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Oh my god she's fantastic! Love that Dorothy Parker story and those chocolate cups are to die for ;)


I watched this last night - I know that I'll be watching again next week, although I must admit I did have mixed feelings about the show... but beginning to understand that she is not attempting to be the next Heston or Roux - she's just doing food and having fun...

The shopping segments made me smile - as did that kitchen!

Nice entry Denise - as always from you! x


She is adorable and so talented in so many ways! The omelette looks delectable!


The Dorothy parker quote made me laugh!
Can't believe i forgot to watch this last night, will have to catch up online, thanks for the snippets



Oh, I adore Sophie Dahl! I read about her new show on BBC, but unfortunately I can't view it (not even on the iPlayer) from over here, so your posts will be very welcome :) I forgot it was Isabella Blow who discovered her (which explains why she walked for McQueen one season), but I'm a fan of her granddad of coures and have always found her Vogue articles to be quite insightful. A great alternative to your typical cooking program, I'll be trying those recipes soon!

P.S. Thanks for your comment re: Balmain. I couldn't agree more. It just gets bizarre when ready to wear has the same retail price as haute couture. I'd rather invest in the latter than get something that's not worth the money. But since you've also read "Luxur: How Luxe lost it's Lustre", I'm sure you're well aware of the marketing games the fashion industry can play ;-)


Oh, the lovely Sophie Dahl. So much gifted and beautiful... And the recipes sound delicious!

Emilie Delance

She's so lovely! Really want her cookbook :D


I read some good interviews with her lately.


Thank you for the recipe; I will definitely try it out this week and let you know how it goes.

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I adore Sophie too! She is adorable and I can't wait to try these recipes!


I think I'M in love with Sophie Dahl! Love her writing and think she's adorable.......a girl crush in the making.


So nice to read a glowing write up of the programme, compared to so many other cynical, sarcastic, and rather bitter reviews. Sophie is just adorable and her food looks truly fantastic. But it is Sophie herself that makes the show. As you say "I'm convinced that every person who comes into contact with her falls in love immediately". Well, I know I have! Any man that can watch this programme and not fall head over heels in love with the delicious Miss Dahl must have a heart of stone. Her smile would melt the polar caps.

Denise @ Swelle

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, on behalf of Miss Dahl!

Andy - it's such a shame that people can be so harsh when it's really just a delightful show with a very captivating host (well, we think so anyway!). I had a feeling there would be criticism but I didn't imagine there would be such a verbal assault launched on her and the show. I hope she's taking it all in stride and is aware of how many of us really do enjoy what she's doing.

Denise ♥

ellen rose

I love her too! I;m from aus anyone know how i can watch the program in full. i cant find it anywhere.. the BBC wont allow me to watch it because it says im out of range :(.

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