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March 31, 2010


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I'm starting to get really interested in her cook book.


I'm so sorry your perfect dinner was messed up like that! It sounds like a bad ending to an otherwise wonderful evening. I wish I could watch this show as I am a bit of a Sophie Dahl fan and now that I know she cooks delicious food, I like her even more.


Your story is so funny (er, probably not for you at the time, but you know what i mean!). I've only watched 1 episode of Sophie Dahl so far but really loved it - I must watch this one too, even though i suspect my romantic dinners will have to be inflicted on girlfriends or fed to myself in leftover form (!). Those eggs look perfect though and the veggie shepherds pie sounds like just my thing.


thank you for these delicious posts, I adore sophie dahl, she does seem like the sweetest person ever, & the food looks yummy. I really wish I could see her show, but at least I could see a few clips on youtube. & I'm hopefully getting her cookbook for my next birthday :-)

Amber Mitchell

I love her cookbook and her conversational way of presenting her stories and recipes. I too am limited (located in US) to what I can see of her episodes on YouTube, and I have to say I want to see more of her kitchen/house/decorating/tchotchkes especially. I typically only buy DVD's for the set design, houses and interior decor, and not so much for the plot (hopefully I am not alone in doing this...feels like it!) So I am hoping this visual opportunity occurs sometime in the near future:) Any chance you can secure an interview Denise? (smiles) - Amber

Denise @ Swelle

Thanks for your lovely comments!

Amber - what a shame you can't watch on YouTube. Are you able to watch on BBC via the links in my post? If not I hope you get it soon! I would die to interview her. And I would probably die doing so if I didn't leading up to it! If I ever get up the nerve, I'll see if I can set it up. It's been a fleeting thought...

Denise ♥

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