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March 31, 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl: Romance

Fullscreen capture 31032010 204934

This week's episode of The Delicious Miss Dahl focusses on food for romance, from early courting when you're so nervous and excited that all you can manage is nibblies, to 'we know each other so well we can eat like pigs and then undo our pants and let it all hang out' type of meal. In other words, for married people.

I just have to tell a story about a 'romantic' dinner of mine. About two years ago my husband arranged a date night at home. We even dressed up. After our daughter went to bed he put out wild boar pâté, cheeses and breads, some good red wine and began making a really nice dinner of Coq au Vin. While I was eating the hors d'oevres I noticed my stomach felt a bit funny but I didn't say anything so as not to be a date night downer. Then we had the chicken which was really lovely. After that we were sitting on the couch with our wine and he says 'Uh, I don't feel so good.' I admitted I felt raunchy, too, and thus began an EPIC barf-fest which went into the night and well into the next day. We were both so sick and so weak, our bodies had never betrayed us in such a way but really they were just trying to rid us of the utter evil that had hijacked our tasty dinner. It was the worst. With our family being back in Canada there was no one to call and our daughter, only two years old at the time, had to fend for herself all morning (though I did manage to feed her of course, but no pâté or brie!). 

On that note, let's look at some food!

Fullscreen capture 31032010 204232

Scallops with a garlic and chili marinade served with crushed minty peas - get the recipe here

Fullscreen capture 31032010 203554

Fullscreen capture 31032010 205114

Rhubard and Rosewater Eton Mess - meringue topped with toasted almonds and candied rose petals (which Sophie Dahl was utterly embarrassed to have on hand!)

Fullscreen capture 31032010 204100

Fullscreen capture 31032010 205021

Fullscreen capture 31032010 205754

Cheese souffle buckwheat blinis with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon - get the recipe here

Fullscreen capture 31032010 205835

Fullscreen capture 31032010 205851

A romantic trip to the cemetery! Actually, this particular one was really beautiful and full of 'love stories'. Sophie pointed out the tombstone of Norman Warne, Beatrix Potter's publisher and secret fiance. Her parents disapproved of him and packed her off to the Lake District and told her that if she still had strong feelings for him upon return then they could think about it. And then he died suddenly while she was still away.

Fullscreen capture 31032010 223151

Fullscreen capture 31032010 210516

Beef shepherd's pie with champ (mash with spring onions and peas). Get the recipe here, and for the vegetarian version with lentils see here

If you are planning to cook for someone special, I sincerely wish you a more successful dinner than mine!


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I'm starting to get really interested in her cook book.

I'm so sorry your perfect dinner was messed up like that! It sounds like a bad ending to an otherwise wonderful evening. I wish I could watch this show as I am a bit of a Sophie Dahl fan and now that I know she cooks delicious food, I like her even more.

Your story is so funny (er, probably not for you at the time, but you know what i mean!). I've only watched 1 episode of Sophie Dahl so far but really loved it - I must watch this one too, even though i suspect my romantic dinners will have to be inflicted on girlfriends or fed to myself in leftover form (!). Those eggs look perfect though and the veggie shepherds pie sounds like just my thing.

thank you for these delicious posts, I adore sophie dahl, she does seem like the sweetest person ever, & the food looks yummy. I really wish I could see her show, but at least I could see a few clips on youtube. & I'm hopefully getting her cookbook for my next birthday :-)

I love her cookbook and her conversational way of presenting her stories and recipes. I too am limited (located in US) to what I can see of her episodes on YouTube, and I have to say I want to see more of her kitchen/house/decorating/tchotchkes especially. I typically only buy DVD's for the set design, houses and interior decor, and not so much for the plot (hopefully I am not alone in doing this...feels like it!) So I am hoping this visual opportunity occurs sometime in the near future:) Any chance you can secure an interview Denise? (smiles) - Amber

Thanks for your lovely comments!

Amber - what a shame you can't watch on YouTube. Are you able to watch on BBC via the links in my post? If not I hope you get it soon! I would die to interview her. And I would probably die doing so if I didn't leading up to it! If I ever get up the nerve, I'll see if I can set it up. It's been a fleeting thought...

Denise ♥

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