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March 10, 2010

Mad Men Barbies: Now You Can Play with Don Draper


Well, what would a hit show (or anything else that's wildly popular) be without exploitation from the marketing people? A lot more respectable, that's what! Mattel has brought us Mad Men 'barbies'. And I'm sorry, but Don Draper - the one you most want to resemble his real life doppelganger - appears to have a cigar and swizzle stick stuck right up his bum. Roger Sterling looks a little more relaxed while Betty is sweet Betty, but Joan Holloway's doll represents the one instance in the history of Barbie manufacturing where the proportions are UNDERemphasized.

One question - where are the cigarettes? It's not Mad Men without the smokes. And mistresses. 

Oh, and they're only $75. Really.

Source: Vulture


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What the heck? Are you telling me I can own Don Draper? I totally agree that Joan needs more va-va-vooom. Crazy!

Oh the horror of knowing there is no a Barbie who has had an affair. No faux ciggies or shakers though. No fun for her.

That is Dope!..or Crack..or Wack. ;P

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