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March 10, 2010

Abominable: Chanel RTW Fall 2010


Chanel haute couture is always a dream, and you know my love affair with the legendary house, but Karl Lagerfeld's last two ready-to-wear collections have left me nonplussed, confused. While everyone wants to wear fur snuggies (you know you do) it was a shock to see Karl's favourite boys strutting the catwalk (and just standing there, too) kitted out in them.

The man who once declared "In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish" and that "those beasts would kill us if they could" appeared to be waging an all-out war against glossy coated creatures with his latest collection. (And he was right you know, I got a threatening stare down from a mink in a zoo once, it even did the 'finger across the throat' gesture. But with a tiny paw, of course.)

But surprise! It was all faux! (Yeah, we could kind of tell on the boys who looked like giant, coifed teddy bears.) Karl's a good guy after all!

There were only a handful of looks that I liked (the horror), minus the boots borrowed from Napolean, and here they are:






I don't know, do I even like this last one or did I choose it because it reminds me of good ol' Chanel and didn't look like this:

Faux fur hip waders!

Faux fur skirts, thick ones!


Faux fur pants and man purse or as they called them on Seinfeld, the 'European carry-all'


Faux fur hot pants!

Faux fur long pants!


And the 'hooker from the Flintsones' outfit, great for go-go dancing in Alaska:


Photos: WWD.com




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I didn't like the fur pants nor the flinstones hooker! hahahahaha But I loved some of the looks! I posted some of my favorites on my blog

Nearly laughed my fur coat off over your mink story.

Love the Flinstones hooker. Laughing all the way back to Bedrock!

Yikes! What happened at Chanel? I love your reference to the Abominable Snowman!

Oh my...I'm in a dream land right now after seeing this. I LOVE faux fur and those faux fur mini shorts that are brown-ish in color are to die for! How fun would it be to romp around town in those! THanks for sharing this!

Sorry...I got way too excited about faux fur (guilty pleasure for me) and completely missed the fact that this collection is a wee bit much and your comparison to an abominable snowman is really spot on.

Love the white/not into the fur. But really loved the whole backdrop!

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