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March 11, 2010

A Revolutionary Ironing Board That Makes Ironing Easy? Don't Tease


Okay, these pictures of the Leifheit StarLine Airbase ironing board don't exactly illustrate awesomeness, and that's because the awesomeness is hidden in the board itself. What makes this board different is an integrated fan that has two settings, suction and inflation. And you plug it in.

The suction keeps the fabric close to the board so it doesn't move around on you, and the inflation mode blows air upwards through the board, causing delicate garments to balloon so you can hover your iron over the surface to steam creases out without contact (no more ironing over a tea towel!). And they say it's ideal for smoothing out fiddly areas like collars, cuffs and darts. If that part is true, it would be worth it for that alone, if you don't mind paying the £199 price tag. And who would? People with lots of money to spare do all of their own ironing.

This is being sold at Lakeland in the UK and they are good for selling products they've tried and love, so if they say it works, I'd be inclined to believe them.

If you are like me, and most people I would assume, you think ironing sucks. You know that the shirt, pants or whatever you are trying to get wrinkles out of is going to look worse after you're finished. You think 'Ah yes, I actually succeeded this time, these pants are as smooth as a Ken doll's bottom.' Then you turn them over and realise that you've creased the hell out of the back. Swears ensue and you feel defeated. And don't even get me started on those brown or black marks that the iron sometimes leaves behind - the ironing plate looks perfectly clean yet there are stains all over your clothes, and it's always the white ones!

It's not just me, right? (If you are a master of ironing clothes please keep this enviable fact to yourself, I can't bear to hear it.) And now off I go to iron my daughter's school pinafores which I was beyond foolish for buying - each of the skirts have pleats. What on earth was I thinking.


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I used to be a passionate ironer but not anymore...hmmm. Strange.

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