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February 06, 2010


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Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

These pictures are priceless! It's fun to see vintage shoes that weren't really all that practical, but glorious to look at. I'm especially loving the pink floral-heels pair. Lovely!


I have _got_ to watch this film. (the sound wasn't working for me just now). O for a pair of Punchinello shoes! Where could you wear them? Maybe to visit Santa? Thanks for sharing.


I love the heel of the first show and the swan ones are pretty insane. I've been to exhibits showcasing vintage shoes and some of the designs are definitely out there and far from practical, but so much more interesting to behold! A shame to think how many are gathering dust because they're deemed unfashionable...


I want "Swan Lake" to go with my swan jewelry.


I always forget how much of a craft making a shoe is. As funny as these are, you can't take points away for creativity! :)


Hi Denise! I just love your blog!
So I've given you a "One Lovely Blogger Award!"

You can get it here:

This shoe post was just awesome - love to see all these styles through the ages! Keep up the fabulous blogging!


eric elmont

Love the vintage ... very cool!

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