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February 09, 2010

Ossie Clark and Alice Pollock Fashion Show at Revolution, 1968

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215249

Ossie Clark and Alice Pollock, the 'pioneers of colossal cleavage and startling see-throughs" (that's how the narrator hilariously described them) liked to show their collections at London's Revolution club in the late 60s. For such a hipster venue and considering the coolness of the people behind the show, much of the audience just didn't match up with what was on display; many looked as if they'd wandered in for some appetizers and instead found themselves stunned, watching floaty polyester whirl around. However, there were exceptions of course: John and Yoko were there as you'll see below. If you want to see how the models got groovy on the dancefloor/catwalk you can watch here.

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215314

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215528

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215352

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215253 

John and Yoko "managed to restrain their enthusiasm" (yes, the narrator said that). That's one way of looking at it. Another way is to say that John was three seconds away from punching the camera guy in the face.

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215333


Fullscreen capture 09022010 215541

(Um, is that a young Keith Richards behind Yoko?)

Fullscreen capture 09022010 221255 

Like the other models, she was dancing around quite lively and judging by the looks on the faces of some of the women in the audience, they were not so comfortable with the looseness of her top. And here I thought J-Lo started that whole thing. 

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215612

Fullscreen capture 09022010 215513

Fullscreen capture 09022010 221157

At another show, also in 1968, I guess this one being spring, we've got Patti Boyd modelling. At the time she was married to George Harrison who was there with some buds including John Lennon who looked a little more relaxed (well, compared to the last one, anyway).

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220420

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220520 

George with 70s 'stache (above) and Patti:

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220619 

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220408 

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220510

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220437

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220425

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220454

Fullscreen capture 09022010 220516


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Love this blast from the past. Who knew those super low cute tops were en vogue in the 60s!

You're killing me!

Ah, what amazing pictures!

1 + super great post!!! thankssss

Ha, we'll never see times like this again. I really can't imagine being there!

I love the number cards they're holding, as if they had just run a marathon in high fashion clothing!

Denise ♥

Man, I was so born in the wrong era. Super cool vintage photos! Oh yeah, John & Yoko are sooooo excited (hilarious). They look like a wacky version of American Gothic.

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