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February 22, 2010

Cupcake Monday! The London Edition (plus beefs with the Thai gov't and Liz Hurley)


I had zero free time while in London at the weekend for fashion week but there was no way I was leaving sans macarons. Especially as lovely reader Aimee told me that Pierre Herme just recently opened a boutique in Selfridges, and dare I say, they are even more delicious, fresh, and complex in flavours than Laduree. So I decided that Saturday was not going to be a repeat of Friday where I had not even a cracker to eat by 7 pm. Add two champagne receptions to an empty stomach and that's why I later tweeted "I'm drunk at fashion week" (d'oh). I hit the first restaurant I saw once I left Somerset House for reasons of convenience and curiosity - this Thai place had a sandwich board outside which read: "Awarded Best Thai Restaurant in the UK by the Thai Government". Such a ridiculous claim obviously aimed at unwitting tourists made me laugh and I guessed that the food was likely horrid - so naturally I went in and ordered five courses! It was fair at best - actually the Pad Thai was rather tasty - but everything else was kind of meh and the steamed rice was mushy and not even consistently mushy. Come on, there's no excuse for that! And I had to ask for utensils. I must write to the Thai government's Minister of Foreign Eateries and lodge a complaint.


A cake topped with 10 cupcakes from Lola's at Selfridges

So I made a point to actually eat lunch Saturday (by the way, it is not at all like me to not eat, it was the result of an overpacked schedule - I like to have two lunches!) and went to the food hall at Selfridges knowing I'd get something good, and also pick out some macarons. I got a box, one of each flavour. How could I leave any behind? I don't know why I didn't take a photo but they were gorgeous. I ate one dozen in three days. That's not too piggy is it? It's better than one day which I feared might have been their actual lifespan. When I later ate one at the window counter I noticed the person beside me staring, then realised I was whispering 'Oh God, Oh God', over and over. Yes, they are that good. 

On the way to the Pierre Herme boutique I walked by a cupcake extravaganza at Lola's and saw my next Cupcake Monday feature. They were happy for me to take photos and there was a glare off the glass display case but you can see how yummy they were. Anyone for a giant £45 cupcake? They've got three kinds!




There were so many temptations but I left without having one, I couldn't eat it right then and a cupcake is not going to travel well!





So what's this about Liz Hurley and beef? Well, while queueing to pay for my lunch at Selfridges I found myself beside an impulse purchase display that was filled with these:



I started laughing and gasping at the same time which looks and sounds great when you're alone in public, I just couldn't believe Liz Hurley - the woman with an accent more uptight and posh than the Queen (well, almost) - was doing beef jerky. Was this a joke? I nearly asked the person in front of me, but then why would Selfridges be selling little packets of beef jokes? (Beef jokey?) I had to buy one to show people. It was still in my official London Fashion Week canvas tote (nice job by Mulberry) when I set out at 8 am the next morning for the 9 am Betty Jackson show (cruel guys, cruel) and I knew I wouldn't be eating until who knows when...so I opened it up on the tube and I hate all 100 calories of it. I have to say, if you've got to eat beef jerky, this would probably be your best bet. It wasn't gross and was nicely spiced. I doubt I'd buy it again and I still think it's weird that Liz Hurley is sprawled out all come hither with a window display of pieces of dehydrated beef above her head, but it was good for what it was. (But I'm still waiting for Liz to jump out and shout 'Gotcha!')


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your posts always make me do two things...drool...yes...the pics make my mouth water...insane...my sweet tooth...(we would truly get along well if we lived in close vicinity of each other...we would just hang out at lovely bakeries...and taste test all day...doesn't that sound lovely?
and second...i always laugh...the stranger staring...and you repeating "oh god, oh god" has happened to me more times than i care to admit...but hey...i enjoy my food...nothing wrong with that...


So many cup cakes!

Your cup cake Mondays always make me hungry!

cupcake monday makes the world a better place

I've actually gotten to this point of my life without a Beef Jerky...The same cannot be said of cupcakes. It's my absolute favorite thing to eat in the world.

Images like these never cease to amaze me (and make me hungry!). Cupcake Monday should be an international weekly holiday.

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