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January 19, 2010

This Dog Knows He's Better Than Us


This is Bobby Gorgeous, the cutest dog on the planet (except for yours, of course). He was just named Hot S*** of the Day at Dlisted (if you have tender sensibilities don't click!) a most prestigious award that has absolutely nothing to do with easy virtue but is a compliment nonetheless.

His bespectacled staredown seemed familiar and Dlisted's Michael K nailed it: Scott Storch. Yes, it's Scott Storch in dog form, minus the watch. Funny how something can work so well for a dog but not so much for a Miami-based music producer. I think it's because to be a dog and be laughed at is a good thing, but to be a human guy and evoke the same reaction? Not so much.

You can see Bobby Gorgeous in action here. Style-wise, I think he's stiff competition for Karl Lagerfeld's mini-mich teddy.


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Geez, that is an intensely adorable dog. And clearly very haughty :)

Henry and Gigi are jealous!

LOL. This guy is hilarious and very Miami indeed.

He's taking Mr. Winkle to the cleaner!


I just wanted to say hello and that i'm honoured to be nominated with you (on shrimp salad circus-i'm in the food category). you have a great blog! and i love that dog!! i want one! have a creative day :)

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