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January 24, 2010

M·A·C Give Me Liberty or Give Me, Um...Liberty Will Do!


The first photos from MAC's latest collection come courtesy of Temptalia, a collaboration with Liberty of London who have been partnering with all kinds of like-minded giants, and this one is a total treat for the eyeballs. I don't even care so much about the makeup, I just love looking at the mixed Liberty prints of pretty pastel ditsy florals and bold graphics. And the packaging! I'm not sure that what's in those tubs and pans could possibly live up to what their beautifully adorned cases promise but who cares, really. Who doesn't need another pink gloss or purple eyeshadow anyway? 

I was invited to Cacharel's showroom in Paris last spring and saw their entire Liberty collection, a revival based on their first youthful, printed cotton floral pieces from the 70s. Cacharel say they created the Liberty print in the 70s. Yet Liberty fabrics are considered to be quintessentially English. Liberty of London sells Liberty prints and they seem to be an English institution of sorts, fashion-wise. I don't see how they could be two different things considering the look of each is unequivocal and each is called The Liberty Print. Did the French give the English a gift? The Statue of Liberty went to the United States and the Liberty print fabric was maybe a 'hey, you're cool, too' present to the English? Anyone care to explain?

Back to the make-up - the look is inspired by the quintessential London girl and is described as 'cool Britannia.' Oh, the tired buzz phrases PRs are forced to use. I'm a bit crabby. Immigration problems that are no fault of ours and my laptop is burning up my nether regions and it's not a great feeling.

Okay! Let's look at the pretty pictures! And by the way, the collection will be available first in the US on March 11 and internationally April 2010. And it will also include a scarf and a make-up bag. And more cosmetics. That hat is neat-o.







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I really want that lipstick now!

They are so pretty ♥ & i want everything. i'll definitely switch my make up in april....lol :D x

I'm in love with the packaging design.

Can I share that I bought a tea towel printed with the exterior of Liberty a month or so ago at my favorite VT antique store? I am preserving it in pristine condition on the handle of the stove because it just looks so nice. If the kids try to wipe something with it, I flip. My tea towel is as close as I have come to the store, but I am vowing to make a pilgrimage if I get back to England this lifetime.

This packaging is divine! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. I have a vintage Liberty of London scarf! I'll have to dig it out and share.

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