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January 06, 2010


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Oh my God, Denise, I'm fainting! I'm really honored to have inspired such a thoughtful post. You said things I wish I said!


you did such a great job here:)

I loved Wendy's post (although I feel bad that she felt that she had to explain herself AT ALL)...she is one talented lady!


What a nicely written post. I'm a huge fan of Miss Wendy, her blog and her jewelry line. XOXO, Jen



I just find your blog and I´m loving it

You got a lot of great images and posts

Did you take the picture of your banner? I like it


The Anthology

Ahhh to be able to buy such exquisite pieces. One day maybe.


Denise @ Swelle

Thank you, everyone! This is something I feel very strongly about, as you can see!

Wendy - I wish that everyone with more money than taste and brains could understand what independent designers go through to sell their work, and use their cash to support them instead of haphazardly buying a trendy 'luxury' piece that means nothing to them and will replaced in a matter of months. BAH!

Denise ♥

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